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Products & Services - vallalar Borewells

Borewell Drilling Service


    And we are the leading borewell contractor in trichy and chennai area and we Offer authentic services for borewell drilling, thus meet the varied needs of industrial, commercial, agricultural, construction, and municipal applications. Using Hydraulic pneumatic drilling machines in advanced technology with an efficient workforce to be applied based on customer requirements.


    Calyx drills are used in sedimentary and clayey formation occurring mostly in river Alluvium or river banks for making a large diameter tube well with gravel /graded pebble packing. In this method the drilling fluid also serves to cool the drill bit and stabilize the borehole wall, to prevent the flow of fluids between the borehole and surrounding earth materials, and to reduce cross-contamination between aquifers.


    Vallalar Borewells is the leading borewell contractor having wide range of 6.5” to 12” diameter drilling capacity into the earth for retrieving water. We offer various depths of borewell, which can vary from 100 feet to 1500* feet. Amazing techniques using air compressors and pneumatic drilling equipment are used to drill borewells up to 2000 feet. These borewells can be used for various purposes like residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural purposes, etc.


    Hand bore is manually drilled tube well which may range from 20 – 200 ft. in depth and 4”- 8” in diameter. Most of the hand bore wells need periodical cleaning/Flushing. It is usually done in salinity /sandy areas. Vallalar Borewell has over 40 Years of experience in the field of Hand and Manual bore and we make it economical and environment friendly.


    we are using excellent technology to remove sediments, mud from the path while flushing, the drilling, and air compressor technology used to give a better solution for retrieving water. To get a continuous flow and enough level of Water Source, Cleaning, and Screening the path is necessary.

rain Water Harvesting


    Our Motto is to make every drop of water count, for Rainwater Harvesting we have excellent ideas and we have a lot of methodologies to prove. Vallalar Borewells Drilling can be done at a diameter of 4”, 6” and 6 ½” (Surface & Insidewell), Drilling & Blasting purpose, Earthing – Holes also called as Earth Pits. Borewells with a certain diameter are also used for rainwater harvesting which is a popular method nowadays.

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